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the family of Mr. Fu has been preserved insect specimens. 25

'clock in the morning until 22. After playing two days of the needle has been slowly getting better, but the wound is not itchy. "This insect is too much." Mr. Fu after returning home in the early morning of 22,[url=http://www.raybanukoutletecheap.co.uk]ray ban uk[/url], began in his room adventure, decided to find out which bite of insects. Subsequently, the family members of a little finger black insects found under the pillow, and determine which is the "murderer". In order to understand what bugs, the family of Mr. Fu has been preserved insect specimens. 25,[url=http://www.hollisterfrance211magasin.fr]hollister france[/url], see this "murderer" in the home of Mr. Fu, saw insects have wings, back is black and yellow with black markings, but the belly at the mouth of a barb. Mr. Fu recalled the process of the moth,[url=http://www.hoganoutletso1885.it]hogan outlet[/url],[url=http://unclesteve2010.solobis.net/3-useful-free-blogging-features/]the expert opinion lost the real meaning[/url], lamented that this worm is too much, and my body is very strong,[url=http://www.raybanlunettes1121magasin.fr]ray ban pas cher[/url],[url=http://www.taylor-madeak.org/index.php/2008/02/29/]'good physical condition' not quite in line with the actual[/url], are prostrate. ", Then bitten tongue stiff,[url=http://www.mulberryoutlet186shop.co.uk]mulberry outlet[/url], but also dizziness, vomiting, general and itching pains,[url=http://xalaga.com/geeklink/2012/12/01/halo-4-a-beginners-guide/]the South City has received a few complaints[/url], two days after the body edema. Men improved after emergency treatment in the early morning of the 22nd, Mr. Fu was sent Wanning City People's Hospital emergency department. Recalls Dr. Wu was attending patients to the hospital, sobered. Check the condition when an insect bite wounds in the right arm, and the whole body from the hives,[url=http://www.hoganoutlet98negozio.it]hogan outlet[/url], the preliminary determination for insect bites systemic allergic. Dr. Wu said the patients sent to the hospital, showing laryngeal edema,[url=http://www.hoganoutlet98negozio.it]hogan[/url], this phenomenon may lead to patient suffocation. Hospital to use its anti-allergic drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs. After treatment,[url=http://www.raybanukoutletecheap.co.uk]ray ban[/url], the patient started to improve and go home in the early morning, after two days of treatment, the patient has basically recovered. "Murderer named reduviid to this unknown" murderer ",[url=http://www.hoganoutletso1885.it]hogan[/url], took a photo reporter in an interview,[url=http://www.tomsoutletshoes99us.com]toms shoes[/url], and then sent by e-mail to Hainan Normal University insect research experts. The experts said that after watching the photos,[url=http://www.saclongchamp1191magasin.fr]longchamp[/url], this insect is the Hemiptera called "reduviid",[url=http://www.tomsoutletshoes99us.com]toms outlet[/url], is a master of capturing pests. The Reduviidae predation will first anesthetic effect of the liquid injected into the prey body, then slowly enjoy a meal. Insect research the experts reduviid and have little toxicity, people may be bitten anesthetic effect, Mr. Fu appears symptoms may be caused due to allergies. It is understood that reduviid Narrow head after head were thin neck-like structure; beak is short, three arched into the chest ventral longitudinal trench, for sucking the body fluids of other animals; body black or dark brown,[url=http://www.louboutin13magasin.fr]louboutin[/url], and some color distinctive; majority living in the outdoors,[url=http://www.hollisterfrance211magasin.fr]hollister[/url], prey on other small insects, one belonging to the Hemiptera family, is a beneficial insect.

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