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Louboutin Sale Versace gives us a spring bag with a pop art sensibility - PurseB

We all know that I tend to be a little tough on Versace,
Louboutin Sale, but it comes from a place of love. (Usually.) The brand has a great and utterly glamourous history, and with the right people in place, it could be a source of lovely bags and shoes that would make us all sublimely happy. The company has struggled in recent years, but lately I;ve noticed a significant uptick in the look of its accessories. For example, the Versace Patent Flap Shoulder Bag is a functional piece that doesn;t take itself too seriously.The squiggly red lines reminded me of the work of 80s pop artist and social activist Keith Haring on first glance, and although I don;t know for a fact that Haring;s work has anything to do with this particular bag, it would be particularly fitting if there were some connection. Haring;s 80s heyday was marked by an artistic output featuring bold shapes and bright colors, and much the same could be said for Versace as a brand.Besides the possible artistic influence,
Michael Kors Outlet Online, this design has a few other charms. The wide, comfortable shoulder strap is printed with the traditional Versace interlocking logo trim to give a little bit of print contrast, and the roomy side gussets reverse the flap;s color scheme with white-accented red leather. Although this bag doesn;t look all that roomy at first blush, the structure and depth make me suspect that it;ll hold more than you might think. The price seems a little high,
Christian Louboutin Sale, but Versace;s prices always do to me; I;ll forgive the brand for the price point because this bag is one of my favorites from it in quite a while. Buy through Nordstrom for $1795.
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